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Dave's You Choose Sale

Dave's You Choose Sale

YOU CHOOSE!!! Which would you rather? $2K Cash Back or $2K min Trade-in

Dave’s Used Car YOU CHOOSE Sale is on NOW!

You’ll find great deals on all our Used Cars PLUS you can choose between a $2,000 Cash Back or $2,000 minimum on your Trade-in.

Now’s the time to upgrade your car!!

If it goes & it’s registered – you’ll get a MINIMUM $2,000 Trade-in….otherwise choose the $2,000 Cashback option and start planning your next holiday!

How would you CHOOSE to spend it?

With the biggest range of Used Vehicles in Mackay, the Used Car Hypermarket has got you covered. From large SUV’s to a small town runabout! Choosing the car will be the easy part!


*Offer valid with any used vehicle purchased and delivered in February 2019 from Mackay Used Car Hypermarket trading as Auto Corner Pty Ltd. 

Customer is entitled to choose between either a $2,000 Cash Back or a $2,000 Minimum trade-in offer on the vehicle to be traded, based on the customers preference at time of purchase sign-up.

*$2,000 Minimum Trade-In offer: Trade-in Vehicle must be running and registered in the customer’s name for 6 months to be eligible. Only one vehicle is to be traded in per one vehicle purchased. 

*$2,000 Cashback: will be provided to the customer on delivery as a $2,000 Visa Card. The customer may choose to take the cash back as discount off the driveaway price of the vehicle purchased.  Cashback will be provided at time of vehicle delivery only.