Hyundai Staria-Load

Built to move forward.

The futuristic, Staria-Load will be one of the best hires you’ve ever made. Whether you’re carrying cargo or crew, imagine the perfect office on wheels. A spacious and sophisticated workspace that combines future-focused exterior style and next-gen technology. There are work vehicles, and then there’s the sleek, Staria-Load.

Room for 2 or 5.

Room for 2 or 5.

You’ll be amazed by how much interior space the Staria-Load offers. The 2-seater van is effortless comfort upfront and huge storage in the back. As a 5-seater crew van, it will keep your team in complete comfort while still packing ample storage in the back. Whatever business you’re in, the Staria-Load is the perfect tool for any job.

Room for your business.

Room for your business.

Staria-Load delivers increased load space in both the 2-seater van and 5-seater crew van. Capable of carrying 3 stacked Euro pallets (1,200 mm x 800 mm), the 2-seater boasts a cargo capacity of 4,935L, with the 5-seater able to accommodate two stacked euro pallets with a cargo capacity of 2,890L.

Optional Twin Swing rear doors.

Optional Twin Swing rear doors.

The Staria-Load’s wide opening twin swing rear doors have been designed to make your job easier. With a Liftback rear door as standard, Twin Swing rear doors can also be optioned, opening wide to allow for forklift access while you load your cargo more efficiently and effortlessly.

7 airbags with Hyundai SmartSense™ safety

7 airbags with Hyundai SmartSense™ safety

When you’re on the road as much as your van will be, the Staria-Load’s class leading safety features give you peace of mind. 7 airbags including one in the centre of the front row and Hyundai SmartSense™ safety features, means that the Staria-Load is constantly on the lookout for danger on the roadside, ever vigilant to safeguard you and your cargo.

Electronic Parking Brake (EPB).

Electronic Parking Brake (EPB).

The latest technology of the Staria-Load keeps your business on the road. Applying the handbrake is now as simple as pressing a button, the Auto hold function gives you convenience and peace of mind by preventing you from rolling backwards on hills.

Heated & power folding exterior mirrors.

Heated & power folding exterior mirrors.

Delivering to customers in tight, narrow streets? The power folding mirrors automatically turn in when you park. Not a fan of those early morning trips to the wholesalers in winter? The heated mirrors rapidly demist and the LED indicators give you enhanced visibility while turning.

Towing power.

Braked towing


Un-braked towing


Towball Download




2.2L Diesel (2WD)

Vehicle tare weight

2-Seat - 3,020kg

2-Seat - 1,090kg

Towball capacity
Braked - 2,500kg
UnBraked - 750kg

Axle capacity
Front - 1,610kg
Rear - 1,780kg

GVM + Braked
2 Seat - 5,520kg

Hyundai Genuine Accessory

Towball vertical load
100kg (Standard)

Convenience counts.

The Staria-Load is the perfect office on wheels that offers all the connectivity and convenience of a modern office. With quick and easy connection to your smartphone via Apple CarPlay™[P2] and Android™[P3] Auto, multi-Bluetooth® connectivity, 1 x multimedia USB port, 1 x charging port, (with another two in the back in the 5-seater crew van) and a wireless charging pad[P4] means the power is always in your hands.

Staria-Load Interior

2x USB ports.

Long days can drain the battery levels of your vital devices so having 1x multimedia USB port, 1x charging port in the front cabin and an additional 2 USB ports in the back of the crew van keeps you and your business always charged and in control.

Wireless charging pad[P4].

The easiest way to keep your smartphone charged, simply place your phone onto the pad for fast wireless charging.

8” multimedia system with Apple CarPlay™[P2] & Android™[P3] Auto compatibility.

The Staria-Load features an 8” multimedia touchscreen designed to keep your business connected when you’re away from the office. Enjoy the convenience of Apple CarPlay™[P2] and Android™[P3] Auto compatibility which mirrors your compatible smartphone apps, entertainment and navigation features so you can stay informed and entertained when you need it most.

Leather-appointed[P1] gear knob.

The stylish and superior grip will make the leather-appointed gear knob an instant favourite with your drivers.

4.2” supervision cluster.

Sitting front and centre between the dials of the instrument cluster is a 4.2” digital display which provides all essential driving data including safety and vehicle control information in the driver’s eyeline at all times.

Steering wheel mounted control.

Stay in touch with your crew while staying safe on the road with phone, audio and cruise controls all positioned within easy reach on the steering wheel.

Leather-appointed steering wheel[P1].

Comfort, control and grip, the leather-appointed steering wheel is both practical and stylish.

Interior Features

Safety is our priority.

At Hyundai, we believe that safety should never be an optional extra especially when you’re responsible for keeping your business on the road and the people who work for you safe. That’s why we created Hyundai SmartSense™ – our standard advanced system of interconnected cameras, radars, alerts, alarms and ultrasonic sensors that know what’s behind you, what’s beside you, and can get your Staria-Load to react to what’s in front of you.

Blind-Spot-Collision-Avoidance Assist – Rear (BCA-R).

Blind-Spot-Collision-Avoidance Assist – Rear (BCA-R).

Like a second set of eyes, this system uses radar sensors in the rear bumper to look out for vehicles in the drivers’ blind spot. When BCA-R detects a vehicle in those blind spots, it provides visual and audible alerts, and if it detects a potential collision, it initiates active avoidance steering manoeuvres to steer the Staria-Load out of harm’s way.

Driver Attention Warning (DAW).

Driver Attention Warning (DAW).

DAW is perfect for the safety of your drivers, analysing their driving behaviours over time. If it notices signs of fatigue or recognises any of your team have been driving continuously for an extended time, pop-up messages and audible warnings will suggest they take a break.

Forward Collision-Avoidance Assist (FCA)

Forward Collision-Avoidance Assist (FCA)

City/Urban/Interurban/ Pedestrian/Cyclist/ Junction Turning (camera & radar).

This system utilises front radar sensors and a windshield-mounted camera to detect cars in front that have become too close for comfort. It can also detect pedestrians and cyclists travelling in front and will automatically apply the Staria-Load’s brakes if there’s the chance of a collision. In addition, the FCA-Junction Turning system is designed to reduce the risk of collision by detecting and monitoring oncoming vehicles. When the driver activates the Staria-Load’s indicators to turn right at a junction, the system recognises any oncoming vehicles ahead using its front view camera and front radar. If there’s a risk of a collision, it produces warning messages and haptic warning alarms accordingly and applies emergency braking if needed.

Lane Following Assist (LFA).

Lane Following Assist (LFA).

If you’re on the road all day having the latest tech on board to keep you safe is both reassuring and cost effective. LFA uses the Staria-Load’s front windshield mounted camera to detect lane markers and preceding traffic on the road and provides steering assistance to ensure the vehicle stays in the centre of the lane.

Lane Keeping Assist – Line/Road-Edge (LKA-L/R).

Lane Keeping Assist – Line/Road-Edge (LKA-L/R).

This steering-assist function detects lane markings to monitor your Staria-Load’s position in the lane. Should you stray from a lane without activating your indicators, an audible, visual and haptic warning will vibrate the steering wheel and sound an alert. Where required, steering intervention will also be activated to keep you in your lane.

Rear Cross-Traffic Collision - Avoidance Assist (RCCA).

Rear Cross-Traffic Collision - Avoidance Assist (RCCA).

RCCA is a segment leading safety feature for the van category, a safety feature that takes the stress out of negotiating carparks and tight spaces. If a vehicle enters your blind-spot as you’re reversing out of a car space, the Staria-Load’s rear sensors will alert you with both a warning sound and a visual alert in the supervision cluster. Should you not react quickly enough, the emergency braking will self-activate to help prevent a collision.

Safe Exit Warning (SEW).

Safe Exit Warning (SEW).

The Staria-Load takes workplace safety to the next level with a Safe Exit Warning (SEW) system available on all doors. If one of your passengers attempts to open the door when a car is approaching from behind, visual and acoustic warnings on the cluster may alert the passengers.

Smart Cruise Control (SCC) with Stop & Go.

Smart Cruise Control (SCC) with Stop & Go.

Whether you’re driving long haul or you’re stop-starting in and out of the city, Smart Cruise Control can help. A front radar senses the speed and distance of a vehicle travelling ahead in the same direction and lane. It then automatically maintains a safe distance from that vehicle, up to a maximum speed pre-set by you between 0km/h and 180km/h. When equipped with Smart Cruise Control with Stop & Go the feature also works in stop-start traffic to automatically bring the vehicle to a stop or accelerate as needed.

Surround View Monitor (SVM).

Surround View Monitor (SVM).

Imagine how much easier and safer parking would be if you had 360-degree bird’s eye view of your surroundings? The Staria-Load features high-resolution cameras which give you the full picture of your parking area, making deliveries and parking so much easier.

Only available on liftback tailgate models.

Hyundai Owning Benefits.

iCare Features

So go ahead and drive without keeping an eye on the odometer[H1].

iCare Features

Know in advance the maximum cost for each scheduled service.

iCare Features

Included for the first 12 months, and extended for 12 more with each successive scheduled service.

  • Disclaimers

    *Overseas model shown. Specifications of Australian market vehicles are to be determined and may vary.

    [P1] Finishes specified as leather may contain elements of genuine leather, polyurethane leather (leather substitute) or man-made materials, or a combination thereof. Leather appointed seats available on the Elite & Highlander variants.

    [P2] Apple CarPlay™ requires iPhone 5© or subsequent model (lightning cable) in order to operate. iPhone© is a registered trademarks of Apple Inc.

    [P3] Android™ Auto requires a device with Android 5.0 operating system or subsequent model (lightning cable) in order to operate. Android™ is a registered trademark of Google Inc.

    [P4] Wireless charging requires a Qi-enabled smartphone or adaptor in order to operate.

    [H1] 5 Year Warranty.
    If the vehicle has been used for private and domestic purposes and is not and has not been previously used for a commercial application, including but not limited to taxi, hire, rental, courier, security, driving school, tour, bus operator or emergency vehicle. Vehicles used at any time for “commercial application”, as defined in the vehicle warranty policy, are excluded. Passenger vehicles that are or have been used for a commercial application are provided with a 5 year/130,000km warranty (whichever occurs first). A People Mover Van that is used or has been used for a commercial application is provided with a 5 year/160,000km warranty (whichever occurs first). A Commercial Van is provided with a 5 year/160,000km warranty (whichever occurs first) regardless of its usage. Commercial application does not include Hyundai Genesis vehicles used for hire/limousine purposes. Terms and conditions apply, view the Warranty Terms and Conditions.

    Hyundai Genuine Parts.
    Hyundai Genuine Parts are backed by a 12-month, 20,000km warranty (whichever occurs first), when installed at a participating authorised Hyundai Service Centre. You can find out more about our warranty program by downloading the full Parts Terms and Conditions.

    Genuine Accessories Warranty.
    All Hyundai Genuine accessories are subject to 5 years warranty if purchased at the time of a new Hyundai and fitted by an authorised Hyundai Dealer. For full warranty terms and usage recommendations view the Warranty Terms and Conditions.

    Roadside Support Plan.
    Included 12 months Roadside Support when you purchase a new Hyundai passenger vehicle (excluding rental buyers). Further Roadside Support extensions are available, each for 12 months from the date of a scheduled maintenance service at a participating authorised Hyundai dealer (unless vehicle is more than 108 months (9 years) from the original new car sale date, in which case entitlement to Roadside Support ends when vehicle reaches 120 months (10 years) from original new car sale date). To see the full terms and conditions of the Hyundai Roadside Support Plan, please refer to the PDF.

    Sat Nav Update Plan.
    Only applies to new vehicles with factory-fitted satellite navigation. Updates are delivered annually and are included if the vehicle completes a scheduled service at a participating Hyundai dealer. Models with factory-fitted satellite navigation, updates must be undertaken within 10 years of the vehicle’s initial purchase, maximum number of 9 updates. As part of the Sat Nav Update process, some of your settings may need to be reset. New features are available on selected models. New MY 2021 models will have the latest 2021 maps already installed in the vehicles AVN and will be eligible to install annual map updates once released by AutoEver. For all other Hyundai vehicles (excluding i45), updates must be undertaken within 6 ½ years of the vehicle’s initial purchase, with a maximum number of 5 updates. To see the full terms and conditions and model eligibility, please visit, or download PDF for more information.

    Lifetime Service Plan.
    For the benefit of Hyundai owners, Hyundai provides online quotes, which specify the maximum price applicable for a vehicle's next scheduled maintenance service at a participating authorised Hyundai dealer and using Hyundai Genuine Parts (where required). Online quotes are available at apply for a stated effective period only and may change after that effective period without notice. Standard scheduled maintenance services are of limited scope. The benefit of online quotes is available for all Hyundai's, for their lifetime. To see the full terms and conditions of the Hyundai Lifetime Service Plan Program, please refer to the PDF.

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